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Halden Collier

I build software solutions

I'm a software engineer specialising in creating phenomenal solutions for small and large businesses.

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About me

My name is Halden Collier and I love building all things software. Whether it's a quick prototype or a large scale project. My development journey originally began way back in 2009, when I first started to experiment with drag and drop coding, using GameMaker 8.

Fast forward to the present, I've now been fortunate enough to work on countless different projects, using a wide array of software, methodologies, principles and languages.

These are just a few of the technologies I've been working with recently:

  • React, React Native

  • C#, .NET, Blazor

  • Umbraco, Wordpress

  • DevOps, GitHub

  • Azure, Vercel

  • Bootstrap, MudBlazor

My projects

These are some of my most recent projects, that I have been working on, in my free time.

Pick Up The Paws

My brother recently started his own dog walking & petting sitting business. He needed a brand identity. I created: a logo, a responsive website design, business cards and social media imagery.


This is a website I made for my mother's gardening business, complete with a logo and contact form. Using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.


My experience

Software Developer @ SNAP

July 2022 - Present

  • Writing highly performant web and mobile applications, using Blazor.

  • Working with a variety of different languages, platforms and frameworks such as React Native, .NET, Blazor, MudBlazor and Azure DevOps.

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